Village explores ways to raise funds

By on July 22, 2011

by David Maas
MAPLE PARK—The Maple Park Committee of the Whole on Tuesday discussed the possibility of changing the Motor Vehicle License ordinance, as well as researching the possibility of implementing a gas tax.

“Right now, residents of Maple Park only need to purchase motor vehicle stickers for up to three cars,” Maple Park Village President Kathy Curtis said. “We’re looking in to removing that cap from the ordinance, which would require residents to buy a sticker for every car they own.”

The board insisted that the changes it is looking into would not affect the price of the stickers.

“Every vehicle should pay,” Curtis said. “They are all using the roads, and we need funds so we can repair them.”

While this change would involve only changing the ordinance, the implementation of a gas tax would be more difficult; most municipalities that have gas taxes are home-ruled municipalities, which Maple Park is not.

“I am still researching this,” Village Attorney Kevin Buick said. “But, I’m not sure if Maple Park has the ability to implement this.”

The board also discussed the possibility of Maple Park becoming a home-ruled municipality in order to implement a gas tax, if needed.

“It would require a referendum,” Buick said. “It would give the village more control over local matters. It would be a large endeavor, but it would make things like this easier.”

If the tax were implemented, there would then be a sales tax of one-half to two cents charged for each gallon of gas sold in Maple Park.

The board discussed the possibility of choosing to get rid of the motor vehicle stickers in favor of the gas tax, if implemented, or to use both to increase funds.

“We are still researching these possibilities,” Curtis said. “Our roads need to be repaired, and we need to find the funds to do that.”