Holmes Hughes involved in much more than the library

By on July 22, 2011

Beverly Holmes Hughes’ time as Sugar Grove Library Director ended on a sour note, but in the wake of the Library Board’s decision to terminate her employment, village residents have come forth with high praise for the former library director.

“Beverly’s a fixture in the community, and she’s involved in everything,” said Pat Graceffa, president of the Sugar Grove Library Friends.“She’s involved in the Chamber (of Commerce and Industry); she’s involved in the Corn Boil; she’s involved in the League of Women’s Voters. Any cause that there is, anytime someone’s community needs help, Beverly is there. She’s involved with the Boy Scouts, the Senior Center at the township building … I probably have a whole list of things she’s involved in.”

Graceffa said that when Hughes was named Sugar Grove Citizen of the Year in July 2010, Village President Sean Michels named all the things Beverly was involved in, and the list was staggering.

“This is a large gap that is being left in the community,” she said.

Sugar Library Friends member Ken Wiesner said that, in the seven years he’s lived in Sugar Grove, he witnessed firsthand how Beverly was instrumental in the success of the library, Chamber of Commerce, Farmer’s Market and Corn Boil.

“She has made these contributions and served our Library District well, all while a hostile Library Board continues to put its own self interests above those of the Sugar Grove Library District,” he said.

Wiesner also said that a “We support Beverly” page had been created on Facebook.

“It is my sincere hope that the residents who have commented on the Facebook page in support of Beverly will come to future Library Board meetings and express their disapproval in person,” he said.

So how does Sugar Grove go about replacing someone like Hughes?

“There’s no way to replace her,” Graceffa said.