Letter: Experience is the best teacher

By on March 19, 2009

I have learned through experience that basic issues never really change for a municipality of any size.

Storm water removal, sewers, streets, residential and commercial development/growth, water system infrastructure, public safety and finances were as much of a concern 10, 20, 30 years ago as they are today. These issues may move up or down as priorities, but they will always be issues.

I believe now, as I did when I served on the Elburn Village Board, actions must be taken expeditiously to rectify problems as they arise, to plan accordingly and, to the best of our abilities, anticipate future “what if” scenarios to avoid issues before they become problems.

During my service with the village of Elburn, we built a new wastewater treatment plant, installed new storm sewers and water mains and established, under my motion, the first village of Elburn Planning Commission from which the Prairie Valley development was begun, as was the subdivision west of Lion’s Park and the industrial development on east North Street.

During my service with the Kane County Regional Planning Commission, we established the 2020 Land Use Plan, which has been updated to the 2030 Land Use Plan.

During my service as a member and president of Kaneland’s (District 302) School Board, we were faced with a number of difficult and controversial situations, including the closure and consolidation of four elementary schools because of declining enrollment and budgetary constraints.

During my service as a member of Delnor Hospital’s Board of Directors, we merged two hospitals into one healthcare system, constructed and ultimately expanded a new hospital, built the Health & Wellness Center, built the Cancer Center, re-developed the original Delnor site into an assisted living community and constructed the Delnor Medical building in Elburn.

During my service as Blackberry Township Supervisor, we expanded the Town Hall, established a tuition reimbursement program for those students of Blackberry Township enrolled in Fox Valley Recreation programs, took over ownership and responsibility for Blackberry Township Cemetary, joined the Ride in Kane program, providing transportation to those who are unable to secure an Illinois drivers license, and we constantly adapted and incorporated an ever-growing road district, with the number of township miles more than doubling, and the number of assessed land parcels more than tripling.

And during my years as a small business owner in downtown Elburn, I managed budgets, a building, suppliers, vendors, employees and customers.

Experience is the best teacher, and I will draw upon these experiences to best support, promote and guide the village of Elburn. But it is also from experiences that I developed a number of relationships with an extensive network of local citizens, county officials and state leaders. I won’t pretend to have all of the answers, but experience has taught me where to go when I don’t.

Tuesday, April 7, is Election Day, and I seek the support of all village of Elburn residents. More importantly however, I ask that you vote. The right to vote is one of the most precious rights we, as American citizens, have, and I urge everyone to show up at the polls and make their choices known.

Dave Anderson
Elburn Village President