Cheaper electric rates coming to Elburn

By on July 30, 2011

Elburn—Elburn Village Administrator Erin Willrett is reviewing bids for an electric power provider as the village gets ready to purchase electricity at a reduced bulk rate and will make a recommendation to the board next week.

“The bottom line is the residents of the village of Elburn will save money,” Village President Dave Anderson, said. “It’s a win-win situation.”

Voters approved a referendum on April 15 allowing the village to join neighboring municipalities, such as Sugar Grove, in offering residents a choice other than ComEd. Under the program, all ComEd customers in Elburn, both residential and small commercial retail, will automatically be included in the plan unless they opt-out, which they may do at any time.

ComEd will continue to maintain the system and they are the ones to call if power goes out, regardless which plan residents choose.

“The bills will still come from ComEd, your maintenance will still be from ComEd,” Willrett said. “I plan to announce the winning proposal next Monday at the earliest.”

ComEd is also bidding, but Willrett said it doesn’t appear they will be the lowest bidder. Once a provider is chosen, village residents will receive a letter explaining the program and be given a chance to opt-out of participating.