Letter: Romke is someone who listens to residents

By on March 19, 2009

I met Patricia Romke when she was going around the neighborhood with her campaign signs. We got into a lengthy discussion about Elburn and the directions it’s going to have to choose in the future.

We disagreed on a lot of things, but we listened to each other and were generally working toward a consensus when time constraints forced us to discontinue until a later date. What a novelty. A politician that actually listens to a taxpayers’ opinion instead of acting like they are under divine guidance.

An example is easy. We discussed the flooding problems in parts of town, and she was surprised to learn that about three million gallons of water run through (both) my neighbor’s and my own yard during heavy rains. Actually, it is close to four million gallons from the last one, but I had to review the gallons in an acre foot of water, as my memory was rusty. Within a few days, a couple guys from the village were here to follow up. Perhaps something will finally get done. We’ll see.

Now for the best one. We are in total agreement that the people who earn money have the right to decide how to spend it. It is the government’s job to provide the environment for citizens to prosper; it is not their job to tell us what to pay for to foster their projects and influence or enrich their pals. I think we need referendums on these things so the people express their will, not some proclamation that it has been decided by a half a dozen board members because they know best.

It is for these reasons that I ask you to join me in supporting Patricia Romke for mayor of the village of Elburn.

Wayne Whiteside