Letter: Boy Scout Summer Camp Pt. 2

By on August 4, 2011

Besides taking Merit badges at Camp Freeland Leslie in Oxford, Wis., the Boy Scouts of Troop 41 did a variety of other things for the week they were at summer camp.

Every night—Monday through Thursday—there was an open swim from 7 to 8 p.m. down at the lakefront. Every day, the boys that were 13 years or older had a chance to do High Adventure. For example, Thursday, the boys had an opportunity to go spelunking. Also, the camp had a climbing wall the Scouts could use. On this wall, there was a contest to see who could climb it the fastest; the prize was a “golden” carabineer.

The boys also had a chance to do a couple of nature walks on paths throughout the camp.
Wednesday night, instead of an evening program, there was an O.A. callout, (O.A. stands for Order of the Arrow). To get in this group, the Scouts needed to have been elected by their fellow Scouts.

On Thursday morning, a couple of boys and leaders went to the lakefront at 6 a.m. to swim a mile. Mile swimmers from Troop 41 were leaders Mr. Hal Wright and Mr. Dave Seraphin; the Scouts were David Barnhart and Mark Wojak.

During Thursday’s evening program there was CPR training for the boys who needed to learn CPR for their Merit Badges. The boys also had the chance to do human foosball.

These are the extra activities the boys did at C.F.L. For information on joining Troop 41, contact Scoutmaster Dave Seraphin at (630) 466-4913.

Mark Wojak
Scribe, Troop 41