Letter: Thank you, Dave Anderson

By on March 19, 2009

We would like to say “thank you” to Dave Anderson, who will be leaving the township in a month to pursue other interests.

All of us have been influenced by Dave’s input on issues pertaining to the township and our individual areas. Dave has always been there when we needed him.

One of the qualifications that impressed all of us was that Dave never micro-managed. His forte is that he knows how to pick or endorse good people to get the job done.

Dave has always been forward-thinking. He has been the initiator for increased services, like the “Ride for Kane” program, which provides transportation for folks in our area that have no driver’s license and rely on this option. We will miss working with him.

Good Luck, Dave.

Lisa Hodge, Township Clerk
Rod Feece, Township Road Commissioner
Uwe Rotter, Township Assessor