No one hurt in barn blaze

By on August 5, 2011

MAPLE PARK—Maple Park firefighters and 21 other fire departments spent most of Tuesday putting out a barn fire at the Fabrizius farm, located on the 4N800 block of Meredith Road.

Firefighters combated the blaze, which began sometime around 9:05 a.m., for close to 11 hours and spent much of that time removing 7,000 bales of hay from the barn with a backhoe and skid loader.

The cause of the barn fire is still unknown. No people or animals were harmed in the fire.

Gerard and Judy Fabrizius, the owners of the barn, could not be reached for comment.

Maple Park Fire Chief Kevin Peterson said a total of 121 firefighters and EMS were used on the scene in order to stay cool and avoid fatigue while combatting the fire in weather that was already hot and humid.

“Red Cross was on the scene providing food and water, and Trans Vac provided cooling buses,” he said.