Rep. Hatcher named to New Youth Development Council

By on August 12, 2011

YORKVILLE—State Representative Kay Hatcher has been named to a new state council that will oversee funding and program recommendations for after-school activities for youth.

The Illinois Youth Development Council was created by a new state law last year to oversee the use of state funds and set goals and policies to promote positive youth development programs and activities.

Rep. Hatcher (R-Yorkville) was named to serve as the House Republicans’ representative on the council by House Republican Leader Tom Cross.

“Representative Hatcher’s background in recreational programs through her involvement with local park districts and the Kendall County Forest Preserve make her a perfect fit for this council,” Cross said.

“Participating in after-school activities makes children more likely to succeed in their schoolwork, and later, in the workforce. It also encourages them to get more involved in their community,” Hatcher said. “I’m very pleased to have a seat on a council created to help facilitate quality after-school programs.”

Illinois Youth Development Council responsibilities will include establishing an annual plan that sets goals for after-school funding, advising other state agencies, constitutional officers and the General Assembly on after-school related activities and awarding grants to “demonstration projects” that promote academic support, arts, music, sports, health promotion or life skills and career development activities.

Hatcher noted that the legislation creating the commission is subject to appropriation. However, the state Department of Human Services will be permitted to accept private funding or private resources at any time to help promote and fund after-school activities.