Throw your diet out the window

By on August 19, 2011

Variety of food options means it’s time to take a break from the diet
Many different types of food will be available throughout the festival. Vendors include Bev’s popcorn, Coach’s Catch (new this year) Seafood & Chicken, Elburn Lions Stands: North—brats and hot dogs, South—ribeye sandwiches, pulled pork, hamburger and cheese, brats, Main—brats, hot dogs, pork chop sandwich, and on Sunday, grilled pork chops and barbecue chicken dinners, Elburn Leo’s— root beer floats and ice cream bars, Genoa Italian concessions, Hill’s Country Store—hand-dipped ice cream, deli sandwiches, RS Concessions—Italian ice, nachos, pretzels, Suzie’s Fun Food—corn dogs, chicken wing strips, coconut shrimp, T & D Concessions—chocolate cheesecakes, frozen bananas, chocolate strawberry shortcake, Witters Concessions—funnel cakes, lemon shake-ups.