Oakes, Meyer wed in Jerusalem

By on August 27, 2011

JERUSALEM—Everybody loves going to a wedding, but how about a destination wedding in the most famous city in the world?

This was the recent dream wedding of Tom Meyer from Elburn, and his lovely bride, Sarah Oakes from Minnesota. Not only were they married in this far away land of Jerusalem, but on the High Holiday of Shavuot in the Hebrew calendar—the day remembered by the Jews as when God married his people, Israel, after they came out of Egypt by giving them the Torah (the first five books in the Christian Bible) as the wedding ring or covenant on Mt. Sinai some 3,500 years ago.

This Shavuot Wedding has its anniversary on Pentecost, the day that the Church was born in Jerusalem some 2,000 years ago.

Outside, the Jerusalem sun was hot, and shade was only to be found under palm trees; inside the ancient walled city, Christ Church was brightly lit as the ancient white stone offset Sarah’s gleaming white, fine linen gown. The intense purple of the bridesmaids’ dresses, like King Solomon’s fantastic chariot in the “Song of Songs,” ensured that those in attendance didn’t miss the hint of royalty in the air. And if the day were not filled with enough symbolism, the groom entered the church after the bride’s grand entrance, presenting a living picture of Christ coming for his bride, the Church, in Jerusalem.

The short ceremony was spoken in Hebrew and English, and was attended by 120 people from the Holy Land and abroad—30 of which had just completed an eight-day pilgrimage in the Holy Land with the engaged couple.

The after-party was held in a traditional Bedouin tent and in the quarters of the 19th century church building.

The couple planned on honeymooning in Galilee and then visiting Ghana, Africa, to help in an orphanage and school, which their ministry supports. Once back in the States, they will travel from sea to shining sea, speaking the Bible dramatically from memory and teaching at Shasta Bible College until they return again to the land of milk and honey.

For more information on Tom and Sarah, visit www.thescripturecannotbebroken.com