Craft show displays creativity; functionality

By on September 2, 2011

Craft Show
Saturday, Sept. 3
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on
Main Street
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on
Pleasant Street

by Susan O’Neill
Kris Stark’s craft involves recycling bottles of different kinds—wine bottles, syrup bottles and various liqueur bottles by melting them down in a kiln and shaping them into functional items. The process is called “slumping,” and the end result is a variety of items, including mail or napkin holders, dip dishes, jewelry holders, and serving platters for cheese and other foods.

Stark, who lives in Malta, Ill., is one of a number of crafters who will sell their creations at the Maple Park Fun Fest on Saturday, Sept. 3, on Main and Pleasant streets beginning at 10 a.m. According to Cathy Lay, crafters this year are coming from places as far away as Plainfield, Roscoe, Mundelein and Streamwood. Also included are three Maple Park residents, Joan Vidlak, Peggy Reichenbach and her sister.

Streamwood residents Christina Wesoloski, David Castro and Vince Fragasso will sell their hand-made mini baggo games, a smaller version of the corn hole games typically played at beer gardens and outdoor parties. According to Wesoloski, the advantages of the mini version (11-1/2” by 6” by 2-1/4”) are that it can be played indoors when it is raining or snowing, can be played on a tabletop, and is easily stored on a shelf. It also doesn’t hurt anything if the players miss.

“The kids just love it,” she said.

According to Wesoloski, the games have a broad appeal. She said she has sold a game to a grandmother who wanted to give her small guests something to do on Thanksgiving Day, and another to a mom who sent it to her son in Afghanistan.

Kathy Olszewski’s Loose Moose Treasures include fun, light-hearted items, as the name might suggest. Olszewski decorates flip flops with polar fleece, buttons, gems and glitter; and also makes little girls’ dresses, ponytail holders and jewelry.

These items, as well as a variety of jewelry, leather goods, tie dyed items, sports memorabilia, polymer clay sculptures, paintings and stitched goods, will be on display all day on Saturday for browsing and purchasing.