Maple Park Fire Department brings firefighter experience to Fun Fest

By on September 2, 2011

by David Maas
In the past, the Maple Park Fire Department has hosted a Touch-a-Truck event at the Maple Park Fun Fest. This year, however, the department has decided to put on a different kind of event.

“This year we are not doing Touch-a-Truck as we have in the past,” Maple Park Fire Chief Kevin Peterson said. “We are going to do an event called the ‘Firefighter Experience’ instead.”

The department hopes this will show attendees what happens during an emergency situation, as well as educate them.

“This will consist of an extrication demonstration,” Peterson said. “We will have one or two cars that will look as though they have been in an accident.”

In order to properly convey the scene of an emergency, there will also be simulated victims.

“It will look as if people are trapped inside the vehicles,” Peterson said. “We will then show how our different extrication tools work in taking apart a car, to get victims out and into the ambulance.”

The department wants to increase the realism even further, with the possibility of a helicopter being included in the simulation.

“We are hoping to have one of the medical helicopters land during the demonstration,” Peterson said. “We would then load one of the patients into it as we would on a normal emergency scene.”

After the demonstration is over, the department’s fire units will be available for attendees to look at.

“They will be able to take a closer look, as well as see all the different tools that are carried on our trucks,” Peterson said.

The Maple Park Fire Department’s Firefighter Experience will take place at the Fire Station, as part of the Maple Park FunFest, on Saturday, Sept. 3, from 2 to 5 p.m.