Fireworks once again light up FunFest

By on September 2, 2011

by David Maas
For 12 years, S&N Displays has been giving the people of Maple Park an explosive fireworks show as part of the Fun Fest, and they are looking to do it again.

“We’ve been doing the fireworks for the Fun Fest for 12 years now,” said Roger Kahl, of S&N Displays. “I’ve lived here my whole life, and I love giving Maple Park a show.”

The fireworks will be shot off from the east side of County Line Road, in the Squire’s Crossing subdivision.

“Living here my whole life, I’d say the best locations to see the show is by the Old Second Bank, in the Heritage Hills subdivision, or right on the baseball diamonds,” Kahl said. “There are a lot of good locations in the town.”

While most fireworks shows are set to music, this show is not.

“We just shoot off the shells, and when it’s done, it’s done,” Kahl said. “We like doing these types of shows; it’s a good time to show some of the new guys the ropes.”

Even though there is no music, S&N still promises it will be a fireworks show to watch.

“This is an all aerial show,” Kahl said. “There are no ground pieces, so it is easy to see from almost anywhere. We fire off a variety of combinations of shells, which we call cake boxes.”

The fireworks will take place on Sunday, Sept. 4, at 8:30 p.m., running for about 20 minutes.

“We really like to have a big finish,” Kahl said. “We’re going to be firing off an eight-inch shell, that explodes into three colors.”

While S&N does many local shows every year, including shows in Kaneville, Dekalb, Hinkley and Elburn, Maple Park is one of Kahl’s favorite places to shoot fireworks.

“Since I’ve lived here all my life, I know a lot of people,” Kahl said. “I get a lot of enjoyment giving the people a good show.”