Letter: SG Library Board president is dedicated to another library

By on September 22, 2011

For nearly two months, the public has been calling for the resignation of the four board members who voted to terminate Sugar Grove Library Director Beverly Holmes Hughes. The four controlling board members, President Joan Roth, Vice President Art Morrical, trustees Julie Wilson and Bob Bergman, have turned a deaf ear to the voices of the taxpayers of Sugar Grove. These board members have seemed disinterested at best in the library and its place in the community.

Recently, it has come to light that the public is mistaken about Board President Roth’s dedication to the library. It turns out Ms. Roth is a very dedicated library volunteer … for the wrong library.

Ms. Roth has been organizing and working at the used book sales for the Elburn Public Library. To my knowledge, it has been many years since Ms. Roth has even stepped foot inside any of the three annual sales held by the Friends of the Sugar Grove Library.

Ms. Roth engineered the termination of the library director, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in projected costs to the taxpayers of Sugar Grove. Her actions will cause many hardships to the users of the library and the people who support it and work there. All the while, Ms. Roth is actively fundraising for another library. If this is not a conflict of interest, at the very least, it demonstrates that the best interest of the Sugar Grove Library is not, and never has been, a priority for Ms. Roth. The termination of the director seems to have been her only goal.

I am no longer simply calling on the controlling four board members to resign. I am calling on the three minority board members to step up and insist on Ms. Roth’s resignation. Our library board must have one common goal: the best interest of our library, not someone else’s.

Louise Coffman
Sugar Grove