Plant acorns and hickory nuts for tomorrow’s trees

By on October 9, 2011

GENEVA—Looking for something to do with all those acorns and hickory nuts on your lawn? The Forest Preserve District needs acorns and hickory nuts—lots of them. Its natural resources staff is collecting acorns from White and Black oaks as well as nuts from Shagbark hickories. Staff will then grow trees to later plant in the forest preserves.

If you have large, old trees that are dropping abundant acorns or hickory nuts, sweep-up the intact ones and put them in a brown paper bag. (Avoid plastic bags, as the seed could mold.) Pick out leaves, grass and twigs before bagging. On the bag, write the tree type, your address, and the date seed was collected. Seed bags may be dropped off at Forest Preserve District headquarters at 1996 S. Kirk Road, Suite 320, or call the office at (630) 232-5980 to arrange a pick-up.

White Oaks are not reproducing well in the wild due to various factors, including shading in the woods, loss of habitat and disease.The district has over 3,000 acres that need trees. Acorn and hickory nut donations will be accepted through Friday, Oct. 7. Visit for more information.