Letter: Let’s play by the rules

By on March 26, 2009

I have just read the letters in the Elburn Herald, and I find the letter written by Jim Friedrich from Kendall County very interesting about Mr. Rotter, our current tax assessor.

Mr. Rotter—what are you thinking by using taxpayers’ money for your brochures and distributing them on township time, and using Blackberry Township vehicles, of which several Elburn residents have seen you driving in? Shame on you. This is truly unfair to everyone who are taxpayers in the township and for all other persons running for office.

As a hardworking taxpayer in this township, I feel it is very unfair what you are doing.

As a tax assessor in Blackberry Township, (your) being a part-time fireman on the Elburn Fire Department is a conflict of interest also. Taxpayers beware: If you need to call the Fire Department for a fire inside your home, Mr. Rotter, your tax assessor, would be the person freely coming inside your home as the fireman, aka the tax assessor.

Melodee Snow