Letter: Quilting can be beautiful hobby, way to give back

By on March 26, 2009

On the third Saturday of every month, Gwyneth Johnsen brings sewing machines and fabric to the Town and Country Library for the purpose of creating quilts to be given away.

The main reason Gwyn does this is to teach quilting to anyone over the age of 8 who is interested in learning the art of quilting. All the proper steps are taken from the very beginning. The group chooses the pattern, the fabric, cuts the pieces and begins construction. If anyone is unfamiliar with the sewing machine, Gwyn teaches how to use it properly.

Many beautiful quilts have been made since the group called “Cover the Country Quilters” began seven years ago. These have been baby quilts, lap quilts, twin bed quilts and larger. They are all donated to the Lifespring Center, where women and children are given shelter and assistance by the Wayside Cross Mission in Aurora.

More volunteers are always needed, and the satisfaction of learning how to make something beautiful, and at the same time, doing something for others, is a very pleasant feeling.

Margaret Ritchie