Congregation accomplishes goal

By on January 25, 2009

With the goal of sending 750,000 meals to the needy, Christ Community Church gathered their congregation for two weekends in December 2008 to assemble and pack meals for Feed My Starving Children ( Not only did they meet their goal, but exceeded it by packing 757,296 meals. As a result, over 2000 needy children will be fed for an entire year.

Volunteers were instructed to register online for two-hour shifts that took place throughout the weekends at the St. Charles and DeKalb campuses. Approximately 3,000 people signed up to serve.

“This is our second time partnering with Feed My Starving Children,” said Larry Stratton, director of Community Impact for Christ Community Church. “It has been amazing to see our church and community respond to the simple need of feeding starving children. Three thousand people took time to assemble meals that will result in 2,074 children being fed for a year. Wow. That’s rewarding.”

Asked why this effort was especially significant, Stratton said, “I believe people are looking for ways to serve outside of themselves or their own families. They recognize that the world is small and that, even with an economy in crisis, we have so much more than the rest of the world. This experience helped us understand in a much more tangible way the profound issue of hunger.”