Letter: KHS students displeased with STEP

By on November 3, 2011

Most students’ favorite parts of the day are when they get social time, and STEP has become the opposite. Instead, it’s a time when they’re supposed to be getting work done quietly if they don’t need help with anything. Some teachers are lenient with what the students can do within their class, but others have stricter rules; sitting quietly or not being able to travel to anywhere that does not involve educational help.

This change in STEN has even stopped some of the clubs from gaining new members, because students have other priorities after school. I think it’s just as important to be active within the school as it is to get good grades. I also think that if the students in STEP don’t need any immediate help, then they should be allowed to join clubs that should be allowed to run during that period of the day.

“STEP was changed so the students will have more academic time during the day,” M&M Coordinator Beth Trafton said.

The problem with STEP is that most students seem to be bored. They finish their homework and are left wondering who in the room is interesting to talk to.

“I honestly think STEP is like a waste of time and we come here to do nothing,” junior Alyssa Nahley said.

STEP is definitely a big help to all the students who would like their grades raised, but other students who are OK with their grades would rather be spending a little time with their friends. I think that’s why most Kaneland teens dislike STEP.

But the student population still has lunch and time in the hallways to talk to their friends. I feel we all can spare a little of our free time for the better of the student population.

Some freshmen need the time in the morning to study and get their bearings. It’s a new year and a new school, and STEP is like a study hall—something they’re all familiar with, and something they ‘took with them’ from last year.

Looks like everyone will have to adapt to STEP and do what they’re supposed to do. As much as I prefer social time over schoolwork, there are other students that need help more than anything and it’s important to keep our grades high so we can have a bright and enjoyable future.

McKayla Helm
KHS freshman