SG approves resolutions tied to local drainage project

By on November 4, 2011

by Keith Beebe
SUGAR GROVE—Sugar Grove Village Trustees on Tuesday voted 6-0 in favor of four resolutions pertaining to proposed improvements and an extension of the drainage system in the Mallard Point and Rolling Oaks subdivisions.

The enacted agenda items included an “amended and restated first resolution of the Board of Local Improvements;” a “recommendation from the Board of Local Improvements concerning proposed improvements;” a “publication, in pamphlet form, of the drainage project, recommendation of the Board of Local Improvements, and estimated cost of proposed improvements;” and a “resolution declaring official intent concerning specific capital expenditures to be reimbursed from proceeds of an obligation.”

A document from Village Administrator Brent Eichelberger states that the project will tentatively be funded through village funds, a contribution from Kane County and a special assessment on property in the two subdivisions. The budget for the drainage project is currently in the ballpark of $1.78 to $1.91 million, with Kane County contributing $171,000.

Trustee Kevin Geary said during the meeting that residents have asked him if it would be possible for a citizen to sit in on the three-man Board of Local Improvements as a sort of balancing factor. Eichelberger said that state statute identifies the village president, engineer and public works official as the individuals permitted to sit on the board.

“It was a question I was asked (by residents) … and I said, ‘I don’t know what the statute reads,’ so I said that I would ask (about it),” Geary said.

According to Eichelberger’s document, the village’s up-front contribution will increase from $589,000 to $690,000 if project costs approach the upper limit of the budget. Residential contribution, capped at $75,000 annually, is $121 per town home and $394 per single-family home. The document also states that project bids are due in mid-November, and construction could be completed as early as next spring.