WCC offers WIA-funded skills courses

By on November 11, 2011

SUGAR GROVE—Waubonsee Community College, in partnership with Illinois WorkNet, is offering career services courses to Workforce Investment Act applicants approved through Kane County Department of Employment and Education. The goal of this coursework is to help area residents who are unemployed or underemployed return to work that creates a stable financial situation for them and their families.

Courses that are offered in this program include Windows, software applications, job search skills and job success skills. In today’s employment market, having useable transferable soft skills, such as those offered in these courses, is necessary to maneuver job changers through layoffs and economic turbulence.

The courses offered by Waubonsee address these needs and assist in bringing under-skilled individuals up to a basic level.

Included in the job search course are techniques to 21st century job markets. These areas include resume writing, cover letter creation, interview skills, the value of thank you, and transferable skills assessment. Students not only have a chance to learn about these areas in a classroom setting with an experienced instructor, but also create these documents in class. At the conclusion of class, they have access to additional assistance from a career advisor whose focus is on occupational training completers.

The job success course covers everything from communication skills to conflict resolution to teamwork. The skills offered in this series can be applied to employment at any level and in any career type. This course also utilizes proven assessments that assist students in determining their communication styles and how to apply skills to real-life employment scenarios.

The Office of Workforce Development at Waubonsee Community College’s Aurora campus oversees this program and offers many additional training programs. Community members can take training courses online or in person in various career fields, including truck driver training, healthcare and computer application courses.

Workforce Development courses are open to all district residents for enrollment. The course catalog can be found at www.waubonsee.edu by searching for “workforce schedule.” Students who have financial hardship can apply for a Brighter Futures Scholarship for tuition assistance. Additional financial assistance programs may be available.