Letter: An open letter to the Elburn village president

By on November 17, 2011

I have a question in regards to Elburn’s 25 percent tax levy increase: are you out of your minds?

Raise taxes to pay for pensions. Where the heck is all the money going now? You are going to make enemies with this one; and not just a couple.

Did I get a raise at work? Heck no. Not in five years. I wonder why; we are barely making ends meet here. But then again, who has received a raise? Yes, I know it’s tough all over, but it does not make it any easier raising taxes with high fuel costs, high food prices and no jobs. Everybody has their hand in my wallet, and I am sick and tired of this mess.

Did I pay into my 401K? No, I can’t afford to pay in because I live in Elburn and get nothing in return. Streets suck. Water sucks. Schools suck; kids learn nothing. Did my taxes go up again last year? Yes, that’s all they do, and escrow falls short again. Oh, shucks!

What’s my house worth? Not much, but my taxes would make you think it was worth a heck of a lot more than it is. What I am saying is you pay and get nothing for it, and this is the wrong time to keep shoving all this up our noses. Have you looked around and seen all the houses for sale? Good God, there are tons of them, and all the people who use to have good jobs now either have a job with no pay increase in years and an increase in medical and dental every year with $5,000 deductibles, or have nothing at all.

Do we need this increase? The answer’s simple: no.

Let the cops pay for their own pensions just like the rest of us have to. It sucks, but it is what they need to do until time is once again on our side, and I do not see that happening any time soon. Get rid of the police union. With the money saved from union dues, you can then apply it towards a 401K. Unions do nothing but take, take, take.

Don’t do this, Dave. This is not good at all.

It’s hard enough living in this town. The gas stations gouging us every chance they get, and the grocery store is so darn high, as is everything else in this town—water, sewer and so on. They should rename this town “Taxville”—population unknown, due to high taxes. People are leaving. Can’t get a correct count.

You should be trying to bring business in here and not scaring them away. I can’t count all the empty store fronts we have in town. You would think the landlords would want to fill them; have someone pay the rent.

We need a hardware store and some other form of business other than fast food. By God, if I want pizza, no problem. We have many to choose from.

We need business. We need help with this debt. We need to create jobs. The town cannot survive on bars and fast food alone. Do you see all the kids wandering the streets with nothing to do? There is no hope when you have too much idle time on your hands. With idle time and no jobs, there is crime. Bring in some businesses that are useful to our town. Has anyone ever approached you on this, Dave?

This town is a mess. This country’s a mess. We don’t need to pay any more taxes. People are going to leave. I don’t know about you, Dave, but I am not getting any richer. Are you? I can’t afford to pay attention.

This tax increase is a bad, bad, bad idea; come up with something else. You have bled us way too long. We are a sinking ship and going down fast. Let’s try to stay afloat as long as possible, but you’re not making this easy at all by weighing us down with more taxes.

See you at the meeting … if there’s any room for all of us in town who want to fight this nasty tax.

Joseph P. Gallagher

One Comment

  1. BBCreekRes

    November 19, 2011 at 6:38 AM

    I agree with Mr Gallagher on most every aspect of his letter however there is one exception
    “This tax increase is a bad, bad, bad idea”
    It is not a bad idea, it is a “devastating” idea in the same league as the plan for Elburn Station with 1200 more residences.

    Each and every hand reaching into our pockets needs slapped. I do not speak for anyone but myself but I will say this, the only thing left in my pockets will be “LINT”

    Elburn wanting an increased levy of 25%
    Town & Country Library wanting a levy of around 47%
    Kaneland asking for yet another levy which is in the ballpark of $300+ per $200,000.00
    The Fire District will likely be asking for more.
    How can you possibly even think that average people can continue to give up even more?
    Rumor has it that Blackberry creeks HOA fees will be going up another $50-$85 per year to well over $300.00 and we pay SSA on top of already excessive Taxes & Fee’s.

    We were also just slapped with yet another escrow increase due to climbing local taxes!

    Dave, these things take away from peoples budgets, savings & futures in this village we call home.
    It seems like you are doing nothing more than building namesake monuments to yourself regardless of whom you step on.

    You want a monument?? Go to the supply store, get a shovel and some concrete and build a statue in your own darn lawn!