Letter: The Church on the Perch (i.e. Elburn Hill) In gratitude for those who helped in 2011

By on November 23, 2011

The church had bare walls and dark halls like old malls
And Darcy the farmer could not leave it like that
Her friends needed something to read while they sat.

She brought in some banners of bread and of wine
Of Easter and Christmas and blessing divine
And hung on the walls in perfect straight line.
All who came in said they liked it like that.
As they read what it said, they thought while they sat
“What gift could we give her? O maybe a hat!”

But she wasn’t done, she said, “Let’s have some fun”
And threw us a party on Weidner house run.
But said “There’s a problem, two helpers we lack!”
And then out came Joan and husband Vidlak

Joan cut up the bread and poured out the juice
And helped in the nursery where kids all ran loose
While Lance set to painting, tree trimming and fixing
Vince Chidester said, “I’ll start cement mixing
I’ll put in some windows and maybe a door
I’ll get cousin Jim to help us some more
But nursery room teaching is just woman’s chore.”
Pauline with Mary from the piano stage nook
Shushed Vincent her husband by a look, what a look!
Then made us all happy with a hymn from her book

But the work was not done, there’s more work to do
You can’t always count on Thing One and Thing Two
So the Kasaps replied, “We’ve got children galore”
Jenny can sing, read scripture and more
And John and Josh can bribe teens in the door
And Jordan and Lydia are what powerpoint’s for
And Lauren’s so cute we all can adore
“We’ll help at the banquet, we’ll come to the group
We’ll play all the parts in the Best Christmas troupe”

Then in came the Knorsts with a bang and a clang
“Hey, don’t forget us! We’re part of this gang
We can do slides and sing on the team
Do nursery and Facebook and Herdmans redeem!”
As Kendra and Galina put on a show
Chloe joined in and then Katy Vo

Chloe filled in wherever was needed
And Kate’s Imogene was thoughtfully treated
Then Tom made a website we thought highly rated
But kept trying to tell us it must be updated
So all of us waited and waited and waited
Till came to our rescue Melissa and Noah
And helped us on line to come out of our coma

Rudy and Kathy said, “Wait just a minute!”
It can’t be all play and all fun and all fidget
Food pantry needs food and not just a snippet
Let’s bring in the bags till we fill up the closet
Who cares it’s so much that we bust through the budget

But Pamela yelled, No! it can’t be like that
That’s opening the bag for the Cat in the Hat
You cannot be giving and tithing from nothing
Budgets make sure that our giving is something

And everyone yelled “Hurray! it’s well said,
We all can do something, we’re surely not dead
Let’s all band together, do something instead
Sue Swanson decides we need yellow and red
And Steven puts lights in the hall overhead
And Kevin is building a brand new tool shed
And Andy and Georgia post sermons t’ our web

Heather and Alison and Ian the brother
Took pictures of fathers and children and mothers
While Melissa played bass with Alex her brother
And Mike plays guitar when he has what he druthers

And last but not least to man-up with the boys
There’s Michael and Christi and Celia with toys
There’s Gary the pastor who talks till you drop
But that’s what he’s paid for, he’s unlikely to stop

But even with all the tripping and skipping
It’s quite a nice place for quipping and sipping
And it couldn’t ‘ve been done without help from above
It comes from God’s Son in a package of love
He meant what He said, and He said what He meant
Jesus is faithful one hundred percent

Gary Augustine
Pastor, Elburn Hill Church