By on November 25, 2011

Winter weather may damage recent road repairs
by David Maas
KANEVILLE—The Kaneville Village Board on Nov. 17 discussed the possibility of having to redo some road repairs they made during the last few months, depending on the events of this winter.

“The crack sealing we did may need to be re-repaired,” Trustee Paul Ross said. “There is a possibility of snow plows removing it.”

The village has heard from multiple sources, saying the crack sealing may not have been up to par, due to the sealing not sitting even with the road.

“When the repairs were made, we were told they were going to grind out the cracks, but because of the unevenness, we aren’t sure that was done correctly,” Village President Bob Rodney said.

Before any repairs are made, the village must wait and see if the repairs are great enough that action needs to be taken.

“We need to see how much of the sealer stays through the winter, and we need to see how much it will cost,” Trustee Pat Hill said.

While there are more road repairs that need to be done, the village must consider them all and decide on the right course of action.

“The village is low on funds,” Rodney said. “We need to really think about this.”