Thank you for supporting our family

By on January 25, 2009

Jeff Malewig

Jeff Malewig

Dear friends, neighbors, community, and the extended, my family offers you our heartfelt appreciation for your generosity, your compassion, your gifts and your thoughts and prayers.

We have tried to respond to everyone that reached out to us in our time of great loss; if we have missed you, please accept this as our thanks to you.

As you might imagine, the loss of a child is like no other. We are very blessed to have such love and support from those around us, as well as those with whom we have never met.

We have no choice but to journey the path on which we are being led, but one of the first things I said as our reality set in was, “Something good has got to come of this.”

Jeff’s life, just as our lives, has a purpose, and although nothing, or no one, can replace him or fill the hole we now live with in our hearts and lives, we have seen “good will towards men.”

The more we read, reflect, pray, and cry, I am confident that Jeff is part of God’s plan. As a mother, it is difficult to admit that I cannot control everything, although I tried. We have been blessed with Jeff for almost 18 years, and he was our gift for a short while. Now he has been called home, albeit too soon.

Please continue to remember Jeff and the person he is. We are planning to memorialize him in ways that are sure to make him smile; and many of you as well. I have the hardest time imagining never in forever, no hugs, no kisses, no prom, no graduation, no best man, no Jeff.

When you see a cardinal, please think of Jeff, for now he has his wings. Our hope is that Jeff touched your lives in a way that he will remain forever in your minds and hearts until we meet with him again.

Tom, Laura and Scott Malewig
Sugar Grove