Letter: A thank you from the Between Friends Food Pantry

By on December 8, 2011

The Between Friends Food Pantry wants to thank the surrounding community for its extreme generosity.

The first Door Step Food Drive brought 187 bags of needed food to restock the shelves in the pantry. Without your generosity our doors would be closed. Thank you for being aware of others’ needs.

We would also like to thank the drivers, runners and sorters that work so hard to make the Door Step Food Drive a success. You kids are awesome. There are some pretty great kids in the Kaneland schools. We have kids from elementary to college helping us, and without them we would be “tired, old adults.” Thanks, kids. We love you.

Throughout the year the Food Pantry runs with food donations from local pick-up points and monetary donations from the community. However, the Door Step Food Drive helps with the increased need during the holidays. And for this we want to thank you for sharing with your neighbors and friends that are in need. Thank you so much for making our Food Drives so successful.

Karen McCannon
Sugar Grove