Maple Park looks back

By on December 23, 2011

by David Maas
Maple Park—During 2011, the village of Maple Park was able to complete a few improvement projects and hold events, while at the same time being faced with the challenge of dealing with their limited finances.

“We had a few major projects the village started this year,” Village President Kathy Curtis said. “We did water main replacement in the northeast corridor of town, the street project and storm water mitigation.”

In the street project, the Civic Center parking lot and South Street were repaired.

“We also repaired the Civic Center roof,” Curtis said. “The building had been leaking in several spots.”

All of the major projects that the village had started this year were finished, except for the storm water mitigation project on Ashton Avenue, which will continue into next year.

Aside from projects in the village, Maple Park was also able to hold many events.

“We were able to hold another successful Maple Park Fun Fest, but we are also lucky enough to have Police Chief Mike Acosta, who held many events for the residents of Maple Park,” Curtis said.

Among the events the Police Department held were Kops and Kids at the Movies, a bike safety event, and Guns and Girls, which was used to teach the women of Maple Park various aspects about firearms, including safety.

“While we were able to make improvements in the village this year, we would always like to do more,” Curtis said.

While the village has been trying to come up with ways to produce the necessary finances for the improvements they wish to do, it has been difficult. While much time was spent on developing a Tax Increment Financing District, there has been no progress since the final public hearing, which was held in November.

“While we hope to continue serving the residents and working on improvements, financing will continue to be a problem in the upcoming year,” Curtis said.