Letter: What about small business?

By on December 29, 2011

In January of this year, Gov. Pat Quinn, House Speaker Mike Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton passed the largest tax increase on business and working families.

This week, Sears and the CME Group were the latest employers to receive special tax breaks from the state. The state of Illinois is picking winners and losers. There has been considerable gnashing of teeth by free market types like me over favored tax treatment for some, at the expense of others.

As the owner of a LubePros franchise for almost 20 years, I think it would be unfair for the state of Illinois to give my competitors a special tax break.

While Sears and CME are doing what is legal to improve their bottom line, I conclude that the Chicago Democrat bosses who control state government are not interested in comprehensive tax relief for all Illinois businesses. They are interested only in serving potent business constituents while keeping as much of the tax rate increase as possible.

Perhaps if the Chicago bosses hear from enough businesses, they will reconsider raising taxes on everyone and giving special breaks to some.

Every small- and medium-sized business in Illinois should contact the office of Governor Quinn, Speaker Mike Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton and tell them, “I’m a small business owner, and I’m ready for my tax relief.”

Contact Gov. Pat Quinn at (312) 814-2121 or Pat.Quinn@illinois.gov.

Contact House Speaker Mike Madigan at (773) 581-8000; he has no public e-mail as he prefers to speak to you on the phone or in person.

Contact Senate President John Cullerton at (773) 883-0770 or John@SenatorCullerton .com.

Dave Richmond
Candidate, 25th District
State Senate