Letter: In support of Chris Lauzen

By on December 29, 2011

In an area newspaper in the end of November, Kevin Burns was directly quoted as saying, “I think those who have a vested interest in Kane County will decide that this race is the most important one on the ballot this spring. Whoever wins the race is going to have the chance to set the tone for county government for years to come.”

As he runs for County Board Chairman, Burns obviously believes that those who are already financially benefitting by the high salaries and political appointments in Kane County ought to continue with the status quo. State Sen. Chris Lauzen is running to reform all this “insider” establishment politics, beginning with the freezing of the county property tax levy.

We finally have a qualified candidate for the chairmanship of the Kane County Board. Chris Lauzen will make the best chairman we have had in a very long time. Chris Lauzen is a seasoned veteran of the wars on high tax rates. We are in need of Chris’ expertise on tax rates as our newly elected head of the County Board.

The Kane County Chairman’s office has been a very expensive office to maintain. Chris Lauzen will reduce the expense of the office from the start of his tenure. Chris also wants to freeze the tax levy in Kane County.

I have watched the price of Kane County government go up and up for years. I look forward to Chris Lauzen’s conservative politics for Kane County. Both my wife and I have known Chris since his first run in state politics and have been proud of the stances he has taken in Springfield.

Chris Lauzen is a man you can trust to be the chairman of Kane County. His background in accounting, as a CPA, is impeccable, and he has no financial interest in Kane County on a personal level, only an interest in serving the taxpayers of the Kane County.

A vote for Chris Lauzen for County Board chairman is a vote for stability in Kane County.

Richard “Dick” Sharp