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By on January 11, 2012

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  1. BBCreekRes

    January 12, 2012 at 9:46 AM

    Sometimes good ideas are bad ideas and at this time I feel Elburn Station is a bad idea.
    The development itself is not awful on paper and will be very profitable for Shodeen, unfortunately as presented it lacks long term planning which will cost residents far more than realized.

    I hope people realize that bringing up to 5000 new residents to our town, most of which will be renters/transients which have no vested interest in Elburn will ultimately control the votes of the future. Yep, this means more urbanites voting for more urban amenities.

    TOD’s are “Urban Lifestyle ” orientated, Elburn is a “Rural” community.
    As a rural resident I can easily predict that our area will continue to loose its rural lifestyle roots & values.

    Food For Thought,
    #1 Schools, since education is one of the largest expenses on our annual tax bills, ponder this a moment.
    We were informed at the last planning committee meeting that Kaneland School District turned down additional school property and chose to take the impact fee’s in cash. Money that will likely be spent long before the development is complete given their current financial/budget problems.
    Long term this could mean yet another referendum in our future as increased enrollments rise with population.
    We all know how that goes, the same old song and dance, give is more tax money to upgrade & build more schools & hire teachers or we will have to cut sports, reduce more after school activities and so on and so on.

    #2 The Anderson Road Fantasy,
    Though I am in the camp as seeing better response times in emergencies, where does the bridge actually go?
    A comment was made several months back that it would reduce the lumbering truck traffic in downtown Elburn. Really? Really? (in my best SNL Amy Poehler voice)
    Unless Rte 47 has an official “Truck Route” diverting trucks to the bridge does anyone really think north/south truck traffic will go out of its way in both time & mileage to avoid downtown?
    Not likely as mileage and time are bottom line expenses for truckers.
    #3 Kesslinger Road,
    How can we even think that Kesslinger rd can handle the increased traffic load of an entire new village?
    As any resident that lives here knows, you need a car, or 2 or 3 for day to day life.
    Imagine the possibility of 3-5000 more cars in the area. If the developers & village think that everyone will use the train for this, they are seriously misinformed. Walk to shop? Shop Where?

    #4 Incomplete Projects.
    Anyone that lives in Blackberry Creek or drives past it for that matter can see 40% of the subdivision is standing incomplete. Not just lack of homes but incomplete roads & landscaping as well.
    Large numbers of homes currently stand foreclosed, bordering foreclosure and for sale. What little new construction that currently takes place now has switched to bargain pricing. Lowered land prices leading the way. With so much currently available, do we really think that even the small number of single family homes in Elburn Station will sell?

    #5 Local Government Expansions,
    Can you see the future needs? New Village Hall, Larger Staff, More Police (& pensions)larger village public works requirements( Equipment & Facilities) and more, you get the picture right, More expense equate to more taxes.
    Elburn is already feeling the pinch and faces a pension funding nightmare. Do people actually think that this development will improve that? If we can not operate within our means now, imagine the expense when the village almost doubles!

    I really wish I could look through rose colored glasses and embrace this development & expansion, honest, I really do. I can see several positive things in the Shodeen/Elburn Station Development.
    I moved here to live in a rural town, I love the rural lifestyle, I love the friendly people of Elburn. Unfortunately Schamburg or Naperville or (insert favorite URBAN Town) is moving in and there is nothing stopping it.

    Is a bridge worth this? My heart says NO.
    That is my opinion, and I am proud to have one!