Editorial: Staffing changes allows us to offer more

By on January 12, 2012

Two weeks ago, we used this space to recap this past year at the Elburn Herald, as well as to introduce new Assistant Editor Keith Beebe.

This week, we would like to announce the change in position of former Assistant Editor and new Web Editor, Ben Draper.

Draper has been with the company for a number of years, joining the team in May 2005. He quickly emerged as a leader and has been highly valuable member of the team, splitting his efforts on photography, helping lead the editorial staff, and redeveloping our award-winning website, ElburnHerald.com.

In late 2008, we found ourselves wanting more flexibility and affordability than our former website developer could provide, we made the decision to stop paying someone else for something we could do ourselves. The problem was, we weren’t sure we actually could do it ourselves. That is when Draper stepped up and said he would figure out a way, and that is exactly what he did.

Our new site went live in January 2009, and since then we have won industry awards while seeing our online viewership increase dramatically. We are excited to unveil our new ElburnHerald.com site in the short future. We think our new site will be an even bigger step forward for us.

In fact, Draper has become so talented at developing and designing websites that we recently began offering those services to other businesses and organizations that also want the same combination of flexibility and affordability we desired when we decided to do it ourselves just a few years ago.

We obtained our first client even before we officially decided to offer those services to others when the then-new Northern Illinois Big 12 Conference hired us to create and design NIBig12.org.

Now, with our staffing adjustments complete, Draper will be able to fully dive into his new role developing websites both for the Elburn Herald and other local organizations.