Letter: Dennis Long has the time, skills for the job

By on April 2, 2009

On April 7, the people of Kaneville township will be voting for a road commissioner.

This is a good time to show our support for Dennis Long, who has served the township well for more than 25 years. He has done an excellent job working within the limited budget. Being a farmer has allowed him the time to do a lot of the township work himself, so he is able to keep extra labor costs to a minimum.

He has the time and the skills to do the regular maintenance on all equipment, as well as being able to operate all the equipment.

Dennis has been a lifelong resident of Kaneville and has taken a very active part in the community, volunteering his help at many community events throughout the year. I, too, have lived in Kaneville for over 35 years and been active in the community as a trustee, assessor, planning commissioner and community volunteer alongside Dennis. At no time have I ever seen his opponent, Gary Koehring, get involved in anything to do with the Kaneville community in any way.

Gary has claimed that Dennis Long never plows snow at night or on weekends. Such a statement couldn’t be further from the truth and makes me question Mr. Koehring’s judgment. The only qualifications he credits himself with is the fact that he has plowed snow before. Plowing snow is such a small part of being a road commissioner, it’s not much better than having no qualifications at all.

The people of Kaneville have been very lucky to have Dennis Long as their road commissioner for the last 29 years, and he deserves our votes again.

Stuart Lee