Wedding cake alternatives

By on January 16, 2012

by Tresa Erickson, MultiAd
You’re getting married soon, and the time has come for you to select a wedding cake. While you understand serving cake is tradition, you’re not real fond of the idea. Isn’t there something else you could serve? Of course there is!

There are so many alternatives to wedding cake. But before you start looking into them, you need to determine why you are opposed to the idea. Do you dislike the taste of cake in general or the look of a traditional wedding cake? If you like cake but not the standard tiered wedding cake with lots of frosting, you have many options. You can ask your baker to do something different and design you a unique cake, perhaps a replica of your wedding rings or favorite flower. You can serve smaller single-layer cakes in various flavors at each of your reception tables—this has become a big trend in recent years. You can fill several tierd platters with cupcakes of every flavor. The choice is yours, and if cake is not for you, there are alternatives.

Before you axe the cake altogether, remember your guests. Some will expect wedding cake and be sorely disappointed when you don’t serve it. For their sake, you might want to arrange for a small wedding cake. For those more daring, dessert options run the gamut from pastries to pie. Sit down and rank your dessert faves. Have your spouse-to-be do the same. Then compare the lists. Do you see anything in common? Perhaps ice cream is tops. No? Ice cream is your beloved’s number one choice and pie is yours? Pie and ice cream? What a great combo!

To give your guests more choices, consider serving your top choices buffet style. Arrange for an ice cream bar, for example, with several flavors of ice cream and toppings. That way, guests can create their own ice cream dishes from sundaes to banana splits. Instead of serving one type of pie, set up a pie bar with several types for guests to feast on. They might have a sliver of peach pie, a sliver of apple and a sliver of pecan. Still not sure what to serve? No problem. Set up a coffee and dessert bar with various sweets from pastries to puddings. This will satisfy a large number of sweet tooths.

There is so much you could serve in addition to or in lieu of wedding cake. Check out some bridal blogs and magazines, do a general search on the Internet and ask around. You’re sure to come up with hundreds of alternatives, so many in fact that choosing just one may be difficult.