Amidst the madness

By on January 16, 2012

by Tresa Erickson, MultiAd
Wedding just weeks away? Up to your elbows in planning? There is so much to do and so little time to do it in. Every bride needs a break now and then, if only to gather their thoughts and prevent themselves from turning into bridezillas. So, take a load off and check out this quiz on movie brides.

1) Toni Collette plays a wanna-be bride in the Australian film…
A) Maxine’s Wedding
B) Muriel’s Wedding
C) Marion’s Wedding

2) Jennifer Lopez falls for a guy whose
wedding she’s planning as…
A) Mary in The Wedding Planner
B) Charlie in Monster-in-Law
C) Paulina in Shall We Dance?

3) Molly Ringwald may play second
fiddle to bride Ginny in Sixteen Candles, but not in…
A) Pretty in Pink
B) The Breakfast Club
C) Betsy’s Wedding

4) Elizabeth Taylor raises paternal
concerns in Father of the Bride
as bride-to-be…
A) Ellie Banks
B) Kay Banks
C) Delilah Banks

5) Kimberly Williams plays the
bride-to-be in the 1991 remake of
Father of the Bride, but her character’s
name has been changed to…
A) Nina
B) Annie
C) Megan

6) Drew Barrymore plays Julia in The
Wedding Singer, a waitress who intends
to marry businessman Glenn but ends
up with wedding singer…
A) Robbie
B) George
C) Billy

7) Nia Vardalos shines in My Big Fat
Greek Wedding as bride…
A) Maria
B) Athena
C) Toula

8) Julia Roberts tackles the role of
bride in all of these films but…
A) Steel Magnolias
B) Runaway Bride
C) My Best Friend’s Wedding

9) Andie MacDowell stars in
Four Weddings and a Funeral as Carrie,
an American who weds Hamish
but ultimately falls for…
A) Charles
B) Angus
C) Bernard

10) Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson
duel in Bride Wars as brides-to-be…
A) Fiona and Anna
B) Emma and Liv
C) Julia and Elliot

11) Debra Messing may play maid
of honor Kat in The Wedding Date, but she still manages to get the guy played by…
A) Jeremy Sheffield
B) Jack Davenport
C) Dermont Mulroney

12) Jennifer Alden plays a bride in
The Wedding Crashers, along with…
A) Isla Fisher
B) Rachel McAdams
C) Jane Seymour

Well, how did you do? Did you laugh a little at the thought of the hilarity that ensues in some of these films? Yeah? Good.

1: B 2: A 3: C 4: B
5: B 6: A 7: C 8: C
9: A 10: B 11: C 12: A