Letter: I stand behind my work and reputation

By on April 2, 2009

I wanted to address some issues brought up, relating to the road conditions in Kaneville Township.

Some of the roads do have pot holes. Unfortunately, until the frost is out of the ground, they cannot be repaired properly. I have, however, been patching the blacktop roads and grading the gravel roads on a constant basis.

I have also been asked about the candidate running against me for Kaneville Township Road Commissioner, and I have never met or spoken with him. I have never even seen him at a township meeting. He has never asked me any questions about the position or responsibilities of road commissioner, so I can’t comment.

Several people have asked why I haven’t campaigned more. Well, I have lived here my whole life and know most of the residents on a first-name basis. I stand behind my work and reputation. I believe my experience should outweigh who came by your door campaigning in the past few weeks. I believe in running a clean campaign based on facts.

The one thing I do want the residents to know is if re-elected, I will continue to serve the people with the highest quality of road services possible.

Dennis Long
Kaneville Township Highway Commissioner