Letter: Based on experience, Rotter is best choice

By on April 2, 2009

I am writing this letter because I feel very strongly I would be remiss in my duty as Blackberry Township Supervisor if I did not express my support for Uwe Rotter, our township assessor.

I have had the opportunity to work very closely with Uwe and have observed his professional conduct with his staff and the myriad of taxpayers he has interacted with.

As township assessor, he keeps the Blackberry Township Board of Trustees informed and educated in the workings and statutory requirements of his office. Uwe, since he became assessor, has worked very diligently and openly to educate all property taxpayers in the property assessment process.

He has continually used and updated his website to inform and illuminate the data used in property assessment. He has begun open information programs for taxpayers at the Blackberry Town Hall. He is, for the second year, distributing materials to individual property owners to explain the assessment process.

He is fair, when the data is correct and accurate, in his assessments of property within Blackberry Township. He, most importantly, runs the office of Blackberry Township according to the law.

Blackberry Township deserves the best assessor in the county. In my opinion and experience, Uwe Rotter is the best.

David L. Anderson
Blackberry Township