Letter: Seeking Kaneland graduates

By on January 19, 2012

I am a teacher at Kaneland High School, and one of the projects I have my students participate in is writing a five-year letter.

The students write a letter about themselves, their families, their goals and their present thoughts of their lives. I take the letters, put them away for five years and mail them back to the students to show them how much they have changed and developed.

I mailed off the letters for the seventh time this past November. Unfortunately, I have received some letters back. I wonder if anyone knows where these people moved, so I can forward these letters on to them.

The names of the students that I am looking for are Jessica Snow, Ronnie Smith, Lindsay Kahl, Alejandro Herrera, Dan Henderson, Ceiarc Flowers, Alex Barron, Judith Chavez and Cindy Martinez.

If any of these people would still like their five-year letter or know where these people are, they can contact Judy W. Fabrizius at Kaneland High School at jfabrizi@kaneland.org or (630) 365-5100, ext. 340.

Judy W. Fabrizius
Kaneland High School