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By on January 24, 2012

Three-city adventure race chooses Aurora area
Regional—The land and water trails of the Aurora area were key in determining the location of an inaugural adventure race planned for the region on May 27.

The three-city series of hybrid-style adventure races will draw participants and spectators to challenge and push their overall adventure racing skills and fortitude.

The local race is stage 2 of the three-stage series and will span from Batavia to North Aurora to Aurora on May 27. The first race will be held in late April in Beloit, Wis., and the final leg of the series will be in Rockford, Ill., on a date still to be determined.

Each six-hour race features paddle, mountain biking and urban obstacle components and are designed to include water, land trails and parks with obstacle components at the end. A portion of proceeds will support local community initiatives aimed to strengthen and encourage outdoor pursuits.

According to the United States Adventure Racing Association, adventure racing is sweeping the nation at a phenomenal rate. Adventure racing is one of the few sports where just completing a race is often considered a victory.

There will be four main competitive categories that individuals and teams can compete in—Amateur, Team, Youth and Pro. There are a number of adventure race training series and clinics planned leading up to the different races that will be announced soon.

Paddle and Trail, the sponsor of the series, is currently seeking people interested in helping in any way with the races, and is also planning on developing a race committee in each city. For further information, call (608) 931-6895 or e-mail