Letter: Help the library, help the community

By on April 2, 2009

I was hired by Sugar Grove Public Library trustees to help them provide first-rate library service to a growing community.

A facility, appropriate to meet the needs of an increased population, would be necessary. This facility would provide for a growing collection, space to study, space for programming, and space to come together. I am proud to have been part of making this new facility a reality.

The role of the library has not diminished with the Internet. The Internet has actually expanded the library’s role. In addition to print and audio resources, we now offer electronic resources. You now have the ability to access our services 24/7 online, including our electronic subscription services.

Library staff follow the library mission “to actively participate in the development of a strong, literate and well-informed community … be a unique resource providing open access to a variety of materials that foster opportunities for learning … support democracy, citizenship and cultural growth of the Sugar Grove Public Library.”

This includes working to develop a collection of materials, information and resources which support the information needs of the community. We continue our education through participation in several organizations. We expect to provide library service that is important to the community.

Volunteers and donors support us in our plans. It is our goal to offer consistent, reliable information and programming to the community. We would love to spend more time sharing the collection with patrons and working with school kids promoting reading and reading skills. We would like to offer more sessions of programs for preschoolers. We look forward to having time and resources for assisting job seekers, investors, vacation planners, and frugal families. To be a resource of cultural activities is our aim. Our list is longer than available resources or library hours can support. Help us to help you.

Beverly Holmes Hughes
Sugar Grove Public Library