Letter: Experienced leadership needed

By on April 2, 2009

I am writing to give my full support to Dave Anderson for the office of president of the village of Elburn.

In our current economy, we need a person with extensive public leadership experience with a proven track record of fiscal responsibility. Dave Anderson brings not only extensive experience as a leader at several levels of local government, but he has also shown the foresight to prepare financially for the continuity of government services in a weak economy. His leadership as the supervisor of Blackberry Township over his several terms is evidence of his ability to financially prepare for every cycle of the economy.

As our community grows and continues its transition from a farming community, I believe that we need to remember the traditions, characteristics and community involvement that has proudly made Elburn the town that it is. Dave Anderson brings the foundation of being a lifelong resident and leader in our community and also has the vision to continue to transition our village forward with our own unique identity and not just try to be another Geneva.

Dave Anderson’s proposed agenda includes taking better care of and improving our current assets, growing our opportunities for expansion and developing new assets for the enjoyment and pleasure for all of the residents of Elburn. As we look ahead to the future of the village of Elburn, I believe that under his leadership, we will become even a greater community.

Please vote for Dave Anderson for President of the Village of Elburn.

Tim Klomhaus