Scout gets Hinckley out of a ‘jam’ on his path to Eagle

By on January 28, 2012

HINCKLEY—Sam Kimpan, a 17-year-old Hinckley-Big Rock honor student who is a member of Big Rock Troop 19, cleaned the Little Rock creek from Sycamore Street to Hinckley’s sewage treatment plant in August 2010 as his Eagle Scout Leadership Project.

Tires, metal, logs, lawnmowers, a swing set, barbecue grill and even the front suspension of a car were removed from the creek over two weekends. The most challenging part of this project was removing a 20 foot by 40 foot log jam just downstream from Hinckley. The creek dropped about 12 inches in the area where the log jam was at its worse. At this point in the creek, the jam was so bad that mulch could not get through. Fifteen to 20 Scouts and community volunteers helped Sam complete his project.

Sam submitted his paper work to the Boy Scouts of America and is awaiting his board of review which determines if he will become and Eagle Scout.