Letter: Change is needed now

By on April 2, 2009

I would like to thank all residents of Sugar Grove whom I have had the pleasure of meeting during this campaign.

We have almost completed walking every neighborhood in Sugar Grove, and I have been very humbled with your honesty, support and hospitality. Residents, whom we have never met before, have offered us the warmth of their home, a glass of water and on occasion, cookies (my favorite).

This campaign has assured me that the people of Sugar Grove are concerned with the same issues that I am. In fact, we clarified many misunderstandings when it comes to growth. Yes, I am in favor of growth, but not by giving up the quality of our homes. There are many areas where Sugar Grove can encourage growth and allow attainable housing to be developed. From my viewpoint, I would like to see housing that starts in the mid $200s, and in some areas, custom homes that range from $500,000 and higher. However, our entire community should not be custom homes or single-family homes that start at $450,000 and up.

We talked about how to attract retail, commercial and industrial developers that currently do not have a desire to build or do business in Sugar Grove. I have stated many times that rooftops will help attract retail developers. Most retailers post on their websites the requirements needed before they build in any community. The criteria list is often based on population, traffic counts and location. We have the perfect location, fall short on traffic counts, but are well short on population. I encourage everyone to go to my website, www.vote4pc.com. There you will find several links that connect you to major retailer’s websites, which will provide you the necessary information.

We need to restructure our development process. The majority of requirements that the village insists upon are good, but we need to fix the length of time the developer spends on getting their projects reviewed, and then hopefully approved. Unless this process is fixed, the village will see sales tax revenues go to other communities. Change is needed now.

Although most of my experiences running for village president have been pleasant ones, there have been some negatives. I have had to dispel some rumors. I have mentioned previously and will continue to reinforce that I will only speak or comment about issues that I believe face this community. I once again state that Village President Sean Michels and I share the same love and passion for our community. We have both been involved in our community prior to being elected as village officials, and I will continue to be involved in the community, win or lose.

I would once again like to thank all residents of Sugar Grove for being open-minded, kind and hospitable. I have lived in Sugar Grove for more than 13 years and proudly call it home. I am Perry “PC” Clark, and I want to be your next village president. I ask for your support and vote on Tuesday April 7th, 2009.

Perry “PC” Clark
Sugar Grove Village President