Letter: Republican voters faced with a decision

By on February 2, 2012

Republican voters will be faced with a decision in the primary election to select a new Kane County Board chairman candidate. The choices are Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns and State Senator Chris Lauzen.

The current County Board chairman, Karen McConnaughay, has decided to run for the new 33rd State Senate seat. This is a loss for Kane County but good for the people of Illinois. McConnaughay has demonstrated strong leadership with conservative fiscal responsibility that has placed the county in an excellent financial position.

The candidates have chosen different campaign strategies. Mr. Lauzen has decided to attack Karen McConnaughay’s character and reputation. He has accused her of pay-to-play politics, and when asked to prove it, he offered no evidence. During two separate debates with Burns (his opponent), Lauzen has turned his attention away from the priorities facing the county and has chosen a position of hostility and false accusations against Karen McConnaughay.

Mayor Burns has decided to demonstrate his track record of bi-partisan support and the skills to run a city with a multi-million dollar budget. Burns understands the necessity of smaller government and believes in the elimination of unnecessary regulations. Under Burns’ leadership, Geneva has reduced its spending significantly.

We don’t need divisive unproven rhetoric from any candidate; we do need well-reasoned thoughtful actions from someone who knows the issues at home in Kane County. I believe Kevin Burns has the experience, commitment and integrity to keep us on the road of success for the future of Kane County.

Mark Wissing
Republican Chairman
Geneva Township


  1. RM

    February 3, 2012 at 5:56 PM

    Republican voters could just wise up and vote for a Democrat.

  2. outdoor1

    February 6, 2012 at 12:40 PM

    Excuse some possible typing errors while I laugh and cry at the same time to the previous response. Maybe take a look at who has controlled the LEGISLATIVE (law-making) part of our state government the last 30-40 years. Yes, that would be the democrats. So, to vote for a demoract now knowing what is going on in our beautiful state would just be beyond ignorant. We are in deep, deep trouble financially. But if you think democrats can pull us out of what THEY created then by all means vote for them. Then I will have to say bye-bye to Illinois altogether. Be ready to dig deeper into your pockets everyone.