School Board discusses Fiscal Year 2013 budget reductions

By on February 3, 2012

by Keith Beebe
SUGAR GROVE—Commence year three of Kaneland’s cost-center budget reduction process.

Two weeks after the Kaneland School Board was first presented with the topic of budget development for the 2013 fiscal year, the board on Monday discussed potential budget reductions that will seek to eliminate $1.1 million in expenditures.

Over the last three years, the cost-center approach has allowed the district to trim $6.3 million in projected expenditures.

According to a document from Kaneland Superintendent Jeff Schuler, potential reductions are identified through a cost-center approach that breaks down expenditures into four categories: elementary school, middle school, high school and district services. Initial targeted reduction amounts for each cost center are:

• Elementary school—$194,589
• Middle school—$121,374
• High school—$163,712
• District—$620,325

“Initial cost-center targets are just that—initial cost centers. And while those numbers might shift a bit during the budget reduction process, the end target—the $1.1 million—will remain the same,” Schuler said. “The thing about the cost-center approach is that it forces everyone to come to the table with ideas.”

Schuler’s document states that district administration will utilize a “triangle of savings” framework to analyze the impact of all potential cost savings and minimize the direct impact of budget cuts on students by focusing first on operational and staff expenses. Schuler said he anticipates some higher cuts on the staff side this year.

The initial cost-reduction plan will be presented to the board at its meeting on Feb. 13.