Letter: Vote for Heineman as a write-in candidate in SG

By on April 2, 2009

Over the past 10 years I have watched closely as the village of Sugar Grove has grown, and I am very proud of the elected leadership that has overseen that growth.

One village trustee with whom I have worked closely is Mary Heineman. Mary is a mother of two young children but has always found time to deliver on her promises of improving the infrastructure of the village and promoting a slow and steady pace to growth.

This summer, village residents will see construction of a safer and more efficient intersection at Bliss and Merrill roads, a project jointly funded through Kane County and the village. Mary was instrumental in moving this project forward and has been a pleasure to work with, and now she needs your help.

Mary had planned a hiatus from elected service, however, recent events have caused a change of heart. Her name will not appear on the ballot, but voters will have the option to select a “write-in” candidate and enter her name manually using the keyboard. I believe the extra time it takes to type in “Heineman” will prove to be a wise investment for the future of the village.

Bill Wyatt
Kane County Board
District 5