Letter: Some endorsements for Anderson raise concerns

By on April 2, 2009

Reading through your letters to the editor and the signed and anonymous comments posted on the recent comments section of your website, I find it amusing, and at the same time a little disconcerting, that most, if not all, of Dave Anderson’s endorsements are from career politicians or their operatives at the state, county and township level.

Unless I am mistaken, I thought Elburn’s elections are supposed to be non-partisan, but it appears that the vast majority of those endorsing him are party politicians or appointees.

Having moved from Cook County many years ago, in part to get away from the “Party Machine” mentality, I again find myself looking at the same sort of incestuous politics that was rampant there.

The big red flag really started waving in my mind when I read Dave Anderson’s son’s comments thanking everyone, both residents and “non-residents, other government officials and retired government officials for all of their support.”

It is an expected show of unconditional love and affection that Michael Anderson would openly support his dad, but I am indeed surprised to find that there are so many “non-residents, other government officials and retired government officials” with the same degree of familial affection.

C. C. Meyer
Rural Elburn