Letter: In support of Christine Johnson

By on February 9, 2012

On March 20, 2012, the residents of Illinois have some important choices to make regarding the officials that shape our government.

Illinois has been tarnished by corruption, financial problems, high unemployment, high taxes, deficit spending and misplaced priorities. We desperately need leadership in Springfield that can make a difference and establish some common sense approaches to major problems. In the race for the 35th Illinois Senate District, Republican Christine Johnson is the leader we need in Springfield. Incumbent Senator Christine Johnson has a strong record as a leader in our community, from her experience as the DeKalb County Treasurer to her involvement in various community organizations and her commitment to conservative principles. Senator Christine Johnson will support less government, lower taxes, family values, and bring integrity to Springfield.

It is important to remember that the Democratic-led Illinois legislature and the Democratic Governor Patrick Quinn raised income taxes on individuals by 66 percent, continued spending, and in 2015, if given the chance, will extend the increased income tax. At the same time, we are no better off regarding deficit spending, unemployment and unfunded pensions. It is important to note that this tax increase passed by only 1 vote in the Illinois Senate and only 3 votes in the Illinois House. The tax increase was passed by the smallest of margins, along party lines, and proves that every vote counts. We need fiscal leadership that will take control of Illinois’ finances and make the tough decisions to control spending, not increase our income taxes by 66 percent.

Christine Johnson is the fiscal leader we need in the Illinois Senate. Please join the many supporters of Republican Senator Christine Johnson for the 35th Illinois Senate District on March 20.

If you can’t wait to vote for Republican Senator Christine Johnson, you can vote early starting Feb. 9 through March 15.

Vote early for Republican Senator Christine Johnson, 35th Illinois Senate District.

See you at the polls …
Suzanne Fahnestock
Maple Park