Letter: In support of Hartwell for Circuit Court clerk

By on February 23, 2012

Like many Kane County residents, I have supported both Republicans and Democrats throughout the years. Indeed, I make it a point to support individuals over parties, integrity over ideology. And that is what brings me to Tom Hartwell, candidate for clerk of the Circuit Court.

Although Tom is conservative and I am not, I nonetheless had an occasion to work with him some years ago on a County Board project, which had nothing to do with party politics. The underlying issue proved to be contentious (albeit inexplicably so), and more than a few of his colleagues turned tail and ran. Hartwell did not.

At a time when no one was looking, he wasn’t running for anything and it would have been easier to bail out. He kept his word. To me, that is essential, especially in public service. I don’t care if we agree or disagree, I just need to believe what you tell me, and that you will tell me the same thing tomorrow.

We need more of Hartwell’s honor and candor in government, and I hope voters who have the opportunity to vote for him will do so. He is who we say we want to represent us, and this is our chance to prove it.

Kay Catlin
St. Charles