Letter: Supporting Lauzen for KC Board chairman

By on February 23, 2012

This letter is in support of Chris Lauzen, running for Kane County Board Chairman. In my 20-plus years as a community activist/campaign coordinator, Chris Lauzen has stood for one thing above all others: representing the constituents who voted him to serve them in office and look after their needs.

My family has known Chris and his family going back to my Grandpa, Lou Sr., and he is a public servant, not a politician. The difference between the two is quite simple. A public servant is one who speaks for the voters/constituents that elected them; a politician is in office for his own personal monetary/patronage gains and his business cronies (lobbyists and special interests) that will rob your government for two to four years—the length of their term.

Chris’ opponents yak about how he doesn’t go along to get along, but people, that is the fundamental reason ol’ USA governmental bodies, from federal to state to city governments, are bankrupt, 90 percent politicians and 10 percent public servants. Wow, not what we were promised/taught in civics class in high school, eh?

Chris knows how to bring together people, as evidence of his recruitment of North Kane County ally, Sen. Steve Rauschenberger—another “plain speaker” when it comes to attempting to wrest the evil out of our political system.

If the above hasn’t convinced you enough yet to support Chris and vote for him for Kane County Board chairman in the upcoming primary and general election in the fall, just take a look at his resounding vote totals of past Senate elections. Land slides. That should tell you something. He delivers for his voters.

Mike “Leo” Leonardi